Marco Iglesia

KBC 6 Week Program

KBC Training is a blend of Kettlebell, Barbell, & Calisthenics Training all in one. KBC Training is not your every-day total body workout. The workouts are designed to keep your body on its toes; elevating and dropping the heart rate frequently. Forcing you to engage your mid-section, or core muscles, through most exercises. The functional & calisthenics elements of KBC will help keep your mobility up high; lowering your risk of injury. Making you move as you’ve never moved before.

Plan Includes

  • 6 Weeks of KBC Training

  • All exercises have videos to demonstrate the work

  • Weekly Video-Call Check-Ins will help to hold you accountable to your work, and help offer any modifications, changes, etc

  • Nutritional Guidance will help you optimize your work through the 6 Week KBC Program

How it works

  • Your work (and rest) is laid out for you for the entire 6 weeks. All you've got to do is log in, check out your workout for the day, and complete it!
  • Be sure to note the weight(s) you used in each exercise so we can track your progress.
  • Men Lie... Women Lie... Numbers DON'T! The better you track, the better you'll see your numbers increase.
  • Also, the better you track, the better I can make any necessary adjustments for you based off of your goals.
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6 weeks

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6 weeks

One Time Payment


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